Soluto–Diagnose and Maintains Your PC Even You Aren’t an IT Professional


I have friends always ask me questions like, “Hey do you know why my computer is running so slow ?” Well, most of the time I’d tell them it might because they have too many applications running at startup, but it’s always hard to tell them what to do exactly since everyone’s computer runs different apps, to determine what cause your computer to slow down you really need to take a look at the computer in person.

So by answering and suggesting those to friends and tell them their PC might have this or that issue without actual confirming anything is not a good idea to start troubleshoot their computer.

Introducing Soluto, a solution that designed just for you or your friend who’s constantly complain their computer is running slow. Yes, Soluto is a solution rather than an app, it helps you to identify what’s wrong with your computer. You will have a personalized report generated by Soluto, and from there you can do things like, minimize your startup applications, disable browser add-ons, update your outdated applications, check your disk performance, check your system health by monitoring your Windows System updates, firewall, anti-virus protections and much more.

With the latest version of Soluto everything is much easier to look at.

Here is how you can get started with Soluto

First you need to register an account with

From there you can download the installer. It takes few minutes to finish the installation.


Once you have installed the application it will redirect you to their web report, from there you can take a glance to see what’s wrong with your PC recently. This is a nice graphical view of the ugly Windows Event log, tells you exactly what WAS wrong with your PC.


The next section is Apps. From here Soluto will scan a list of applications that you have installed, will show you if there is a newer version of the app available. If a new version of the application is available , you can simply click install the new version from your web interface, and Soluto will take care of the rest.


Also from this section, it gives you a list of useful apps that Soluto recommend to install.


If you ever wonder how Soluto can just do those amazing one-click install/update ? You should check out Ninite, it’s the engine that powers behind all the application installation and update in Soluto.

The next section require you to restart your PC so Soluto can collect information on exactly why your computer is running slow.



Soluto also checks if your System is being protected or not.


Scan your computer hardware in a very human like way !


You can even check out the current CPU and motherboard temperature from there as well.

Overall, Soluto is a great solution to solve and unfrustrate your experience when using your PC. So be sure to check it out !


  1. I’ve been hearing about Soluto more and more lately. It’s nice I found a review of it here. And it’s definitely nice that maybe one day I’ll use it to help my mother out with her laptop. Just maybe. Haha. It’s definitely a must have though, for anyone who needs to or HAS to help someone with their system. Once you help someone with the littlest thing with their computer they think you can do just about anything for them and their computer which in my case is totally false. Anyways, thank you and Godspeed Soluto! 🙂 I’ll get some use out of it for myself and my system as well!


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