Sookasa Lets You Securely Receive Files From Anyone To Your Dropbox


Sharing files to someone outside your network is very easy these days but not so much the other way around, especially when the other party doesn’t use a cloud based service like Dropbox. If you are using Dropbox, check out this post we shared a while ago that uses a 3rd party web application as a middle-ware to provide you a web file upload form that transfers the file directly from the other party to your Dropbox.

Well, here comes an even better one. Sookasa, a Dropbox encryption tool, has a neat feature called File Delivery that lets you receive files securely from people who don’t even use Sookasa or Dropbox. And it’s so easy to use too.

Under the File Delivery tab on your Sookasa Dashboard, you’ll find a unique URL that you can share with people who need to send you files. Click Copy URL, paste it into your email and send it off to people who need to send files to you.

2015-03-26 23_13_23-Sookasa Dashboard

And when it’s opened in the browser, it looks like this, very easy to follow.

2015-03-26 23_15_38-Sookasa Dashboard

Once delivered, an email will be sent to your email address notifying you that there are some files that have been sent to you. Since it’s delivered through Sookasa service, the files are encrypted and saved in Sookasa folder in your Dropbox.

Sookasa’s File Delivery is a nice feature to have when you need to receive file from outside your network. If you are out looking for a file delivery solution that’s not only safe, secure but also cost-effective. The combination of Dropbox and Sookasa is probably the way to start with.

If you are out looking for an encryption solution, check out our Top 5 Encryption Solution for your Cloud.


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