Sophos Home is A Perfect Free Security Solution for Both Mac and PC at Home


Are you a home IT hero who’s been taking care of computers for your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents but can hardly keep them up to date at all time? If so, Sophos Home is a perfect security solution you’ve been dreaming for. It’s simple, effective, and free, protects every Macs and PC in your home from not only malicious software, nasty viruses but also inappropriate websites as well.

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Here are 3 steps to getting it started:

Step 1Sign up for an account

Step 2 – Download and install Sophos Home on your own computer

Log into My Account on Sophos Home the first time, click Install button under Add this Computer section to download the software, and install it on your own computer.

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The installation could take 5-10 minutes to finish so be a little patient here. You will see the little Sophos icon running in the system tray once done.

Sophos Home - running icon

Right-click the Sophos icon and choose Open Sophos Home. The Sophos Home window opens up, where you can check the status of the protection or run a Full Scan if needed.

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Step 3 – Send a link to the people whose computer you are going to manage

Log into your Sophos account, click Add Device link to find out the link and send it. Once they download the software from the link you sent and install it on their computer, their computer is connected via the cloud to your Sophos Home account and you can check and manage their security right from the Sophos Home Dashboard, via any web browser.

Sophos Home - dashboard

What’s been protected

Sophos Home protects two main things that matter the most to everyone who uses a computer, Virus & Malware Protection and Web Filtering. And you can check both the statuses on the dashboard, as well as change any settings to the Web Category Access for better web surf experience.

Sophos Home - 2016-02-02 22_33_14


As I titled in this post, Sophos Home is a perfect free security solution for any home user. It uses the same award-winning technology from Sophos that protects thousands of businesses worldwide. And it’s wonderfully simple and blessedly free. Forever.

If you are one of those Home IT Heros, you definitely don’t want to miss out this. It’s going to move your heroic image to another level.



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