Speccy – A Free Portable System Information Tool for Windows


Addition to the list of free system info gathering tools we’ve covered before, here is another worth adding to the list. Developed by Piriform, the same team behind the popular CCleaner, Speccy is a free portable advanced system information tool that you need to find out what’s inside your computer doing all the hard work.

2017 07 07 23 23 54 Piriform Speccy - Speccy - A Free Portable System Information Tool for Windows

The Summary tab gives you a glimpse of every aspect of hardware you have on your computer, including Operating System, Processor, Motherboard, GPU, RAM, Storage, etc. You can go to each separate tab to dive deep and get more informed about that hardware. Check out a few screenshots below.

If you take look these screenshots closely, you may find that Speccy displays the temperatures of the different but critical components in real-time so you can easily spot problems on your computer before they happen.

The information gathered in the tool can also be helpful and makes your day-to-day computer life a lot easier. For example, you need to add more RAM to your computer. You can go to the RAM tab to check how many slots are free and what type of RAM you should go out and buy.

Piriform Speccy RAM detail - Speccy - A Free Portable System Information Tool for Windows

Speccy also allows you to save scanned results directly as a snapshot which can be opened by Speccy on another computer at another time, XML, or text file for easy sharing.The feature could be really handy when you get a new computer so you can use the tool to easily check and make sure you get what you’ve paid for.

Overall, Speccy is a fast, lightweight system information tool that’s not only for sysadmins or power usersbut but could be helpful to normal users as well.


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