Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Time By Eliminating GUI During Start Up


win7boot Every time when you start up your Windows 7 from power off state you will see the animation of the Windows Flag waving and glowing. Little you might not know, you can always tweak the setting so the start up GUI does not show while booting up. What’s good of doing that ? You can actually save some time while during the start up. This trick has been in Windows for quite sometimes, while it’s nothing new to Windows 7. You can still use this trick to speed up your Windows 7 start up boot time for couple seconds depending on your hardware. First go to start > type “msconfig” start msconfig Go to the “Boot” tab NO GUI boot Windows 7 save time See the highlight option ? Check “No GUI boot” Apply the setting and restart your Windows 7. You can use a timer do a comparison of before and after. You might not notice much, but this old trick indeed helps almost all machine to speed up it’s boot time. Again depending on your hardware and system configuration, you might save anywhere from 4-8 seconds literary. Try it and see how much time it has saved on your machine.




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