Splashtop Is A Better Alternative To Windows RDP


One of the limitation with the build-in Windows RDP is that users aren’t able to remote control a computer concurrently simultaneously while another user  has already logged in. Of course all the VNC based remote desktop here and here could solve this issue, but performance from those alternative is not very attractive.

Splashtop on the other hand like VNC, can remote control while a user is logged in, but unlike any other VNC solutions it use a proprietary protocol to reduce latency and provide a more responsive user experience for their remote desktop client.

Here is the awesome catch, Splashtop for Windows (both client and streamer) are all free. Splashtop is probably by far one of the best remote desktop control solution in terms of performance I’ve ever tried. The responsive delay is almost instant, especially for LAN connections, it out performed both VNP and RDP in terms of responsiveness. They even support 3D game play (though full-screen is not supported) and HD video stream.

Get Started With Splashtop Streamer and Remote Client

It’s easy to setup. On the computer that you wish to connect to (the sever, or streamer) you can download the Splashtop Streamer and install it.

splashtop streamer thumb - Splashtop Is A Better Alternative To Windows RDP

Once you finished installing the Streamer, launch and finish the basic configuration settings like setup a password etc.

Now go download the Splashtop Remote Client (Free on Windows platform, paid on Mac OS X and iOS devices) on the computer that you want to remote access to the host.

2012 01 02 1156 thumb - Splashtop Is A Better Alternative To Windows RDP

Launch the application, from there you will see the list of the computers that you can remote control into, assuming they previously have Streamer installed.

There is no reason to not give it a try if you do a lot remote control, Splashtop will definitely be one of the better alternative to the default build-in Windows RDP.


  1. “Splashtop will defiantly be one of the better alternative to the default build-in Windows RDP”

    You may have meant “defiantly”, but just in case, you may also have been looking for “definitely”.

    Either way, thanks for the tip!

  2. I bought splashtop hd for my galaxy tab today, downloaded the windows streamer and took it for a spin. However, I don’t see how you can log in remotely without interrupting the desktop user. This article clearly implies this is possible. How?

  3. After read this article, i went to install this app into my pc. Tested it via Internet and feel a bit disappointed with it.

    It required 3 ports in order to connect to the pc(if connecting through internet), else you will fail to connect it. While you are connecting your pc with Remote desktop, and use Splashtop to connect it, the screen shown in Splashtop is like multiple shadow stacked to each others.

    The speed i would say it is still slower compare to RDP, I can feel the lag for every keystroke pressed…

    Never the less…this is a free and support concurrent connections.

  4. Yeah, splashtop is good. Additionally, you may also try a R-HUB remote support server for all your remote access needs. It provides collaborative remote support and knowledge sharing.


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