SpyDetectFree To Find Out if You are being Spied on or Monitored


Have you ever worried if there are any keylogger on your computer that records every key you pressed? Or wondering if there is any spyware installed on my computer that monitors every move I made? Here comes a simple freeware to help you out.

SpyDetectFree is a free tool intended for detecting processes on your computer that might be spying on your keystrokes, i.e. keyloggers or spyware. It’s also portable that works without any installation process or additional DLLs. Simply download the tool from the website and run the executable inside the zipped file. Once launched, click the Check Now button to start the scanning process.

SpyDetect Free 64 bit 600x429 - SpyDetectFree To Find Out if You are being Spied on or Monitored

The result shows in two categories, answering whether you are being spied on or being monitored, with the Details button to show all the modules the tool scanned.

The spying check takes merely a second and shows the result almost instantly. It scans the processes running on your computer to see if there are any hooks installed that logs every keystroke you pressed. If it detects any, a Probably Yes sign shows up in Red with details about which programs might be spying on you listed above.

The monitoring check takes a minute to finish and displays the result in the same way as the spying check. The result, as it states on the website, is based on the most common practices among the monitoring software present on the market.

While the Probably Not in Green provides some degree of relief, it also could mean that there is other types of spyware or monitoring software installed on your computer that SpyDetectFree could not detect.


SpyDetectFree is a useful tool that scans and displays some easy to follow information about whether you are being spied on or monitored. It’s not perfect and may leave out some potential dangers out undetected. The result of Probably Yes is more useful than Probably No. You will definitely need to take actions if you see the red sign.

SpyDetectFree works on any Windows platform, from XP all the way to Windows 10. It’s completely free to use with no ads, no bundles, no toolbars, or other add-ons.


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