sRemote to Let You Use Your Gmail to Remote Control Your Computer


sRemote is a remote control tool that once placed and run on the computer takes the remote commands sent from a designed Gmail address. No matter where you are, you can simply send an email to that Gmail address with commands in the title to remote control your computer with ease.

It’s a little portable tool that only takes about 10kb of your RAM when it runs. It takes a variety of commands to help you control your computer, from taking a screenshot, killing a specific program, to launch any program, or even move files.

To start, you can simply download the RAR compressed file from the main product page, extract into a folder at a convenient location on your computer, and simply launch it by double clicking the sRemote.exe executable file.

The first screen gets popped up is a dialog box asking you to set a password fro the program.

sRemote set password

Password is mandatory to use the program. It will be sent along with the remote command via email. Type one in, and click Proceed button. The main window pops up. Next up is to set up the Gmail.

sRemote main screen

Click Gmail Settings link at the bottom left corner. Put in your Gmail address, its password, and a reply to address that can be the same as the first address. Once done, the program restarts, and it’s time for the fun.

sRemote main screen ready

Click Start Monitoring to start taking the commands. Now it’s ready to take and execute any command you sent to that Gmail address. To do that, simply start a new email, with the monitored Gmail address as the sender, and commands in the subject line. No need to write anything in the mail body.

The command syntax has to start with the password like


For example, assuming the password I set in the program is “password”, and the command I want to sent is simply to take a screenshot. I can type the following in the subject line as part of the email.


sRemote email

A few seconds later, I received an email with a screenshot of my computer as the attachment.

sRemote email with screenshot

There are a list of commands available for you to use. A txt file called commands.txt in the program folder has all the details. You can also send multiple commands in one email, just make sure separate them with the “;”.

One thing to make sure is that if your Gmail has the filter that automatically archives your incoming new emails the program will fail to receive them. The emails have to stay in inbox in order to be checked.

sRemote is a fairly interesting little tool that might come in handy sometime. It’s worth keeping it in your toolbox.



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