Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are on the Greatest Innovators List But not Bill Gates


Lemelson-Mit released a new survey revealed who are the heroes in young Americans’ heart when asked who is the greatest innovator of all time.

Thomas Edison was surprisingly chosen by 54 percent of the young participants as the greatest of all, while Steve Jobs came in second at 24 percent. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg received 3 percent and stands in 5th.

image thumb155 - Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are on the Greatest Innovators List But not Bill Gates

The survey was conducted by 1,000 young Americans aged from 16 to 25 using an internet-based, multiple-choice format.

Unfortunately, Microsoft and its Windows are not as appreciated as Apple and its iPhone/iPad, since we don’t see Bill Gates listed there. When asked about how new technology like smartphone and tablets influences and impacts their personal live, 40 percent of responders said they couldn’t imagine their life without it.

Well, while I am on the same page with them how much I appreciated for my iPhone, I also appreciate very much what Bill Gates and his Microsoft have brought to us. I simply can’t imagine I can live without Windows.


  1. This is a clear indication of the ignorance of our youth. Before Edison, I would have listed Nikola Tesla. But of course out of those interviewed, I’m sure 95%+ have absolutely no clue who Tesla was and how much he changed and influenced our world. It’s a shame Bill Gates wasn’t listed above Jobs, since most of the so-called innovation that Jobs credits himself with were all stolen ideas. Besides Windows, consider: MS-Office, all the server softwares, XBox, Kinect, to name a few. Not to mention the immense charitable work that Gates has done for our world, the countless number of lives he’s saved, which he should be honored for every single day…

    • Very much agreed. The young generations just didn’t saw how the world is excited about Windows when it’s first announced. I truly appreciate and admire what Bill has done for all of us. Can’t we image the world without Window?

      • Just because the young generations don’t agree with the older ones, doesn’t make them ignorant! They only have a different view of the world. I personally would have chosen Tesla over Zuckerberg, but that’s my opinion.
        Whereas Bill Gates is concerned: yes, he made sure that most people could afford a PC and helped spread it. But one of the greatest Innovators? No.

  2. I’m kind of pissed off with this list. I agree that Thomas Edison is the greatest innovator of all time, but why is Steve Jobs right under Edison and not Bill Gates?
    He’s the one who started EVERYTHING! If he didn’t make the first Windows Operating System, we’d all still be on black screen with text!
    Steve Jobs (I feel bad because he’s dead…) may have made the iPhone, but WTF does that do? It’s a shiny device, but there’s really nothing truly new there other than the touchscreen (and maybe some other stuff).
    In the end, people chose what they liked, not what really happened…besides, Steve Jobs stole most of Bill Gates’ ideas!


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