Sticky Notes 3.0 on Windows 10


Since Windows 10 Anniversary Update Sticky Notes has become a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that you can download and install from Microsoft Store. It provides a number of features that the classic desktop version doesn’t have. This upcoming version of 3.0 brings even more on the table for people who love Sticky Notes.

Not only does it have a home page that collects all your notes in one place with a search box at the top,

Sticky Notes 3.0 splash - Sticky Notes 3.0 on Windows 10

but it also introduces a long over-due feature that syncs your notes across your Windows devices signed in with your own Microsoft Account.

2018 08 29 15 04 46  - Sticky Notes 3.0 on Windows 10

The sync feature alone will get me hooked up right away and want to try out right away without waiting for the final release.

If you are already a Windows insider who opted in Skip-Ahead on one of your computers, head over to the Microsoft Sticky notes in Microsoft Store app to get it downloaded.

If you are a Windows Insider but don’t want to opt in to aggressive Skip-Ahead preview program, download the app anyway and go to the settings page and turn on the Sticky Notes Preview switch.

image 11 - Sticky Notes 3.0 on Windows 10

Since Sticky Notes is part of the App Preview program family Microsoft announced a while back, you should be able to see the Preview option in the Settings section. But frankly, I was able to see the option on one of my computer but not the other. So, if you see the option there, great. But if not, maybe opt-in the Skip-Ahead just to give a peek at how the new Sticky Notes sync works.

Think you’ve missed the window of being a Skip-Aheader? Here is how to bypass it.

Turns out, if you open Sticky Notes app long enough, the Preview option will show up in Settings.

Also, if you are wondering where the notes are stored with the UWP app on Windows 10, check out this post. It’s quite interesting.


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