Sublight to Quickly Find and Download Subtitles for Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows


I was catching up the popular TV show “Games of Thrones” lately. After watching half of the first episode I quickly realized that if I want to continue I would better turn on the subtitle to help me better understand the story line. Since the movie files I have don’t have the right subtitle language embedded, I basically need a tool that can quickly find the right subtitle file for me. That’s where I found this free tool called Sublight quite handy.

It’s a quite useful and easy-to-use tool that just works, allowing you to get access to millions of subtitles in 46 languages. With an intuitive user interface, Sublight is suitable for almost everyone, including those total beginners. You can just download the tool from their website and installed on your computer. You are all set to go.


If you have the video files handy, you can drop it to the tool and Sublight will find a suitable subtitle file for you in a few seconds. It will save you a lot of time and frustrations find the right subtitles for you.

Or, if you know what to look for, you can specify the name of the show, year, season, and episode to manually search for the subtitle.

Either way, it works great and had no problem finding all the “Game of Thrones” subtitle files for me.

Sublight can also search 3rd party subtitle databases out of the box, such as for Chinese version of subtitles.

What’s more convenient is that you can enable the Explorer Integration so that you can quick access to subtitles by simply right clicking the video files. Very handy.

Sublight - settings

Sublight is completely free. It works on most of popular Windows platforms, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. If you are having difficulty understanding those popular Movie or TV series, use Sublight to find the subtitles in your native language so you can enjoy more.




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