Sublime Text 2 Official Released Say Goodbye To Beta


We’ve covered Sublime Text before,  and in our opinion it is the best text editor out there. Why ? simply it aggregates tons and tons useful feature into a packed simple text editor that you might not even think it’s possible in a text editor. Another useful feature is the fact that you have ultimate time to use the full version, as stated by the Sublime Text 2 team

There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.

But of course, we do encourage you to purchase the license, if you find it useful and have benefit you from your daily work. Today they are releasing Version 2.0 say goodbye to beta, check out some of the new feature that’s in this version 2 head to their blog. If you would like to learn more about how to use Sublime Text 2 head to this awesome unofficial documentation on all the little neat things you can do with this editor. Of course, sublime text have their own official documentation check it out here.

2012 06 26 1349 thumb - Sublime Text 2 Official Released Say Goodbye To Beta

If you head to their main page now you will be welcomed by this awesome HTML 5 canvas image slideshow to show off some of the neat feature this tool offers.



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