Super Charge Your PowerPoint with Office Mix–How To Guide


Microsoft PowerPoint is the go to app for creating any presentation for many people and many professions out there. If you are those that live your life in Microsoft PowerPoint this little add-in will empower your life. Introducing Office Mix, it’s a free add-in for PowerPoint that adds many rich multi-media capabilities to your ordinary presentation. For example, you can quickly snap a screen capture video into your presentation, add a quick audio or video.

Assuming you have Office 2013 or Office 365 running on your desktop, go download and install Office Mix. Once you get it installed, you should see a new tab called MIX on the very far end of the tab.


When you first launch PowerPoint after installing MIX, you will be prompt for a quick introduction Slide. This is a great place to start exploring the capability of MIX.


The Introduction is by far one of the most well created educational content from Microsoft. You can get access to the entire step by step tutorials here for Office MIX, in which it shows you how to create a Quiz & Poll slide, how to capture and snap a Screen Recording, how to insert Web pages, Simulations, etc., etc. For some advanced features you can even create and edit your Audio and Video recordings all right inside Office MIX.



Below is an example how you can use the existing “Quizzes Video Apps” to create a Quiz and Poll.


You can also embed videos right inside a PowerPoint slide.


Exporting PowerPoint Presentation Slide In HD Video

Another very neat feature I found is the ability to export your PowerPoint slide into HD video in .mp4 format. Essentially it will play all your slides in a given seconds and combine them into a short video. This is really useful for uploading to YouTube or share with others without a PowerPoint client to view the presentation. You have full control over how long each slide will be showing. By default it will play each slide for 5 seconds.


This is the outcome of a video exported from Office MIX.


Overall, Office MIX adds some fantastic modern features into the existing PowerPoint presentation. If you haven’t tried the Office MIX, it’s time to go and try it out. At meantime, feel free to browse around all the incredible presentations others are able to accomplish with Office MIX.



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