Surface Quick Tip: How To Do Print Screen on Surface Type Cover


I had a Touch Cover for original Surface RT but never used it. And that’s why I was surprised when I got my hands on the new Type Cover 3 the other day finding that I was having difficulty pressing my finger down on a key called PrtScn to take a quick screenshot. That’s right, the Surface Type Cover, a very modern input device, doesn’t have a key that is so essential to a lot of people.


I know I can still do a quick screenshot on Surface and having it saved in Pictures folder in PNG format by simultaneously pressing down both the Windows key and the Volume Down button. But when I am working on the Type Cover with a mouse, I don’t really want to stretch both my hands in different direction just for taking a quick screenshot.

So, is there still a quick way to do a print-screen like what I normally do on my desktop computer? Of course it still does.

Pressing Fn + Spacebar on Type Cover is the same pressing PrtScn button on a regular keyboard.

Therefore, doing Fn + Alt + Spacebar just like pressing Alt + PrtScn to capture the active window into the clipboard.

If you want to do a Win + PrtScr, the same as Windows + Volume Down key on Surface, try Fn + Windows + Space, which dims the screen briefly and saves a screenshot of your whole screen in pictures\screenshots folder.

It’s not as easy as with a PrtScr, but at least there is still something we can do to accomplish this easy job.



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