Synergy Nightly Installer Free To Download and Use


If you want to control multiple machines across platform between Linux, Mac, and Windows with one keyboard and mouse, Synergy is still one of the best tools out there. But unfortunately, Synergy has become a commercial product that charges what used to be an Open Source project software for license fees. The benefit of an unmaintained open source project turning into a commercial paid app is that it will get developed and maintained regularly.

If you enjoy their service but couldn’t justify the cost there are still ways to get the latest installer for free. Just go to this Github forked stable build, grab the latest nightly build from its website, and enjoy it without a valid license key.

We’ve covered Synergy more than once here at NoW. As of this writing on July 15th, 2016, the latest keyboard mapping between Windows and Mac has changed since the last time I’ve posted How to Properly Map keyboard Between Mac and PC when shared Mouse and Keyboard with Synergy.

2016 06 30 1627 001 thumb - Synergy Nightly Installer Free To Download and Use

If you have a Windows Host, and Mac is your Client the screenshot listed above is what you need to follow when mapping the keys on your Windows Keyboard. It will assign the “Alt” key on Windows keyboard to “Command” key on Mac and the “Win” key on Windows to “Option” on Mac.

All other settings keep the same as before. Now you can use the same Alt + Tab on the Windows keyboard to switch applications on Mac. One thing to note, when making keyboard shortcuts like Copy and Paste, you still need to use the keyboard on the respective OS platforms. That means, when you are in the Mac environment, copy and paste will become “Alt+C” and “Alt+V”.

Lastly, because you are downloading the nightly build, they are untested and could be unusable as Synergy has stated on their website. Make sure you download the same version for all the platforms you are going to use and give it a try, if not working you can always go and find older builds that work.



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