Tasting The Windows 8 Task Manager on Windows 7 with DBCTaskman


Still use Windows 7 machine but really like the look and features of Windows 8’s Task Manager? Here is a free portable tool called DBCTaskman from Neowin that you may want to take look.

You can directly download the tool from the link at the bottom of this post, extract the content from the zipped file and just run it.

Just like Windows 8 Task Manager, it launches in simple view with the current running apps listed inside but no End Task button here.

DBCTaskman simple view - Tasting The Windows 8 Task Manager on Windows 7 with DBCTaskman

Clicking More Details button at the bottom of the window opens up the mode we are all familiar with. You can see 5 tabs at the top presenting Processes, Performance, Users, Details, and Services. It does look quite close to the version in Windows 8. Check the photo gallery below for details.

Developed by Neowin forum member Hanrui, DBCTaskman is still in a beta stage that is not fully stable yet, so don’t be surprise if you encounter some crashes when using the tool. It’s a portable tool that runs independently aside from Windows’ own Task Manager, so no fear of your system being manipulated by this tool.

DBCTaskman brings a lot of good features from Windows 8’s Task Manager to Windows 7 and it does look quite similar to the one we see on Windows 8. If you are stuck in Windows 7, just like I said, DBCTaskman is your bridge to taste the latest version of Task Manager on Windows 7.

Download: DBCTaskman x64 | x86

/via Neowin/


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