Tearing Down Microsoft Surface


One poor Microsoft Surface only lasted a good twenty minutes on iFixit folks’ hands before being tear downed in pieces. They then posted the details in a blog post that also revealed what components have been used in the Surface. If you are a hardware geek wondering what makes of this iPad “killer”, you should definitely head over there to take close look. But don’t even think about it trying itself on your own without having a set of special tools ready.

Microsoft Surface Teardown

So, what’s been unveiled along the way?

  • The Samsung 7.4V, 31.5Wh battery is glued to the VaporMg rear case but is fairly easy to remove, comparing the one one iPad.
  • The stereo speakers, headphone jack and volume button are modular components that can be easily taken off and replaced.
  • On the bottom of the motherboard:
    • NVIDIA 1.4GHz Tegra 3 processor
    • Samsung KLMBG4GE4A 32GB NAND Flash
    • Micro 2RE22 D9QBJ 2GB DDRS SDRAM
    • Texas Instruments TPS659110 power management IC
    • Marvell 88W8797-BMP2 wireless MIMO SoC
    • Wolfson 8962E low power audio codec
    • Cypress Semiconductor CY8C20466A CapSense® Controller with SmartSenseTM Auto-tuning
  • The WiFi antennas are mounted at the backside of the motherboard, labeled as Antenova A10416-WIFI-A2 and Antenova A10416-WIFI-A1
  • A board featuring 3 Atmel MXT154E touchscreen controllers solely deals with 10.6″ touchscreen.
  • The display is also manufactured by Samsung.

Finally, it was scored 4 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair) by iFixit.



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