TextImages Easily Turns Any Plain Text Into An Image File


If you are a web designer or presentation maker, you probably often use some catchy fonts to make the text more standout. Because these fonts are usually not Windows built-in fonts, you probably often needs to save those text in catchy fonts as image files. If that’s the case, you probably will find this tool very useful, could be a life saver if you do a lot of text-to-image work.

TextImages is a free portable tool that turns any of plain text with desired fonts into an image file of any type. Download the tool from its website and extract the executable file into a convenient location, and launch it.


Type in the text you want to turn into the image file. You have the choice whether saving all text in one image file or saving each line into a separate file.

Load all the fonts you want to use, and apply them into the text from the Font and Format tab.


You can also set up the margins and spaces to the text to match the style you are using in your design.


Once it’s done, save the result to a location of your choice with a specified name, in one of may formats.


Here is the list of formats supported by the tool.


Results? Let’s take look.


Like the tool? Please consider making some donation to support their development for their good work.



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