The All-in-One Restart Pages on Web


How many restart computer page have you encountered before? Quite a few to me but also quite limited as well. Here comes a webpage containing all previous restart pages from most significant computer operating system you can think of, within one page, except for the current ones. For example, Windows 7 restart page isn’t included there. According to its about page.

An answer to OFFF’s invitation to collaborate with a piece under their “Year Zero” 2011 concept. A tribute to the most significant operating systems that has been part of our geek lives.


That’s not it. You can even preview the detail restart/shutdown process every one of them by simply clicking on them. Here is what happened when I click on Restart button on Mac OS X’s restart dialog box.


And here is what happened when I click on Restart on XP’s Turn off computer.

image image

image image

It’s pretty fun to watch and remember all these old days.

Check out The Restart Page here.

Note that it requires a HTML5 complaint browser. So sorry again. It won’t work on IE 8 and older. Even in IE 9, it’s got some glitches on it as well.



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