The Best 3 Radio Apps on Windows 8


Radio is a must have app on a mobile device, and that goes the same for the Windows 8 tablets as well. It keeps you entertained from the boring work. Some people do things better with some soft music or songs from their favorite artist, and I am one of them. Other than a few things I need to do in an absolute quiet environment, I always have my radio on with the tune on either my favorite radio channel, or the songs from my favorite singers.

Here are the best 3 radio apps I discovered so far that are made specifically for Windows 8, all can be found on Windows Store. I will be updating this post accordingly if there are any better radio apps developed and released for Windows 8.

TuneIn Radio

Windows 8 Radio (6)

TuneIn Radio is an all-in-one radio app that lets you listen to not only music, but also sports, talk shows as well, virtually from almost every corner of the earth. It claims having listed over 60,000 radio stations all over the world with 2 million on-demand programs.

You can search and listen to your local stations both AM and FM ones. Or you can search for a song, artist or show to find radio stations around the world that plays it live. With a signed account, you can favorite stations you like to keep listening to.

Most importantly, it plays radio in the background while you are on the other apps.

TuneIn Radio is a multi-platform available app that is also available on iOS devices, Androids, Windows Phones as well.

Publisher: TuneIn
Category: Music & Video / Music

Slacker Radio

Windows 8 Radio (4)

Slacker Radio is quite different from TuneIn Radio. It’s a more personalized content rather than streamed local radio stations. Listening to Slacker’s content is completely free and you can select one of over 200 expert-programmed genre stations or search for your favorite artist or song. To get the most out of it, you will have to register an account with them.

As you listen, you can personalize the content with the click of a button. You can also create your own stations starting with search and share your custom creations with your friends.

Publisher: Slacker Inc.
Category: Music & Video / Music


Windows 8 Radio (7)

Tuba.FM is a radio app more look like Slacker Radio but maybe with an easier and more user-friendly user experience. The search feature is a bit more advanced so you can find the best music for you. There are over 300 authorial channels of well-known music artists and over 30 musical genre radio channels but you can also create and share your own channels.

Tuba.FM is also a web app that you can just use your web browser to listen to all the radios listed there.

Publisher: GrupaRadiowaAgory
Category: Music & Video / Music

Final Words

I’ve tried all three and quite like all of them. Personally, I like Tuba.FM quite a bit but that shouldn’t stop you from trying all of these 3 apps. Enjoy.




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