The Complete List of MS-Settings Shortcuts to Windows 10 Settings Applet


The Settings app in Windows 10 is your new centerpiece that is on the way to replace the classic Control Panel in previous Windows. It has a lot of useful individual settings applets for all sorts different things you need to change and adjust to make the Windows environment that fits your needs. Almost all these individual settings can also be directly accessed through a shortcut key namely ms-settings URI. If you know the ms-settings URI to a specific setting you can use that info to create a shortcut icon on your desktop for easy access.

Right-click an empty space on your desktop and select New → Shortcut,

Create Shortcut - 1

Type in the name of the individual setting’s shortcut key and click Next.

Create Shortcut - 2

Give a name and done.

Now let’s take look the list of the shortcut key names for each individual setting in Settings app.

Category Setting name Shortcut key
System Display ms-settings:display
Taskbar ms-settings:taskbar
Notifications & actions ms-settings:notifications
Apps & features
Tablet mode ms-settings:tabletmode
Power & sleep ms-settings:powersleep
Storage ms-settings:storagesense
Offline maps ms-settings:maps
Default apps
About ms-settings:about
Devices Printers & scanners
Connected devices ms-settings:connecteddevices
Bluetooth ms-settings:bluetooth
Mouse & touchpad ms-settings:mousetouchpad
Typing ms-settings:typing
USB ms-settings:usb
Network & Internet Wi-Fi ms-settings:network-wifi
Airplane mode ms-settings:network-airplanemode
Data usage ms-settings:datausage
VPN ms-settings:network-vpn
Dial-up ms-settings:network-dialup
Ethernet ms-settings:network-ethernet
Proxy ms-settings:network-proxy
Personalization Background ms-settings:personalization-background
Colors ms-settings:personalization-colors
Lock screen ms-settings:lockscreen
Themes ms-settings:themes
Start ms-settings:personalization-start
Accounts Your info ms-settings:emailandaccounts
Email & app accounts ms-settings:emailandaccounts
options ms-settings:signinoptions
Work access ms-settings:workplace
Family & other users ms-settings:otherusers
Sync your settings ms-settings:sync
Time & Language Date & time ms-settings:dateandtime
Region & language ms-settings:regionlanguage
Speech ms-settings:speech
Ease of Access Narrator ms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator
Magnifier ms-settings:easeofaccess-magnifier
High contrast ms-settings:easeofaccess-highcontrast
Closed captions ms-settings:easeofaccess-closedcaptioning
Keyboard ms-settings:easeofaccess-keyboard
Mouse ms-settings:easeofaccess-mouse
Other options ms-settings:easeofaccess-otheroptions
Privacy General ms-settings:privacy
Location ms-settings:privacy-location
Camera ms-settings:privacy-webcam
Microphone ms-settings:privacy-microphone
Motion ms-settings:privacy-motion
Speech, inking & typing ms-settings:privacy-speechtyping
Account info ms-settings:privacy-accountinfo
Contacts ms-settings:privacy-contacts
Calendar ms-settings:privacy-calendar
Call history ms-settings:privacy-callhistory
Email ms-settings:privacy-email
Messaging ms-settings:privacy-messaging
Radios ms-settings:privacy-radios
Background Apps ms-settings:privacy-backgroundapps
Other devices ms-settings:privacy-customdevices
Feedback & diagnostics ms-settings:privacy-feedback
Update & Security Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate
Backup ms-settings:backup
For developers ms-settings:developers

There are a few settings that I couldn’t figure out what ms-settings URI should be using. So if you now, please do share in the comment.



  1. there is any option to change the setting via RUB or Command Line ?
    in my case in need to change setting for “Contacts”
    can i change the Switch inside On or Off ?

    • Good question. But unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible. MS-Settings is to launch the Applet in the Settings app but not to set any values. You will need to look elsewhere like PowerShell to make that happen.


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