The New Windows is Called Windows 10


For anyone expecting to see a numbering sequence when it comes to Windows versions, Microsoft has surprised us all by skipping a number 9 and going straight to Windows 10, an indication of something totally fresh and completely new going into a new era. Announced in a blog post on Blogging Windows,

It’s time for a new Windows. This new Windows must be built from the ground-up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. This new Windows must help our customers be productive in both their digital work and their digital life. This new Windows must empower people and organizations to do great things.

And that new Windows is now called Windows 10.

Microsoft is encouraging anyone with fair amount of computer experience to sign up its new Windows Insider Program to try out Technical Preview version of Windows 10 to help them to shape up the final version. The new program is scheduled to open in public tomorrow. If you are Windows enthusiasts like us, you will want to sign up and get the hands on the latest new Windows earlier than the majorities.

Here is a peek at something that look interesting in Windows 10, which you can see when you have the Technical Preview loaded up.

Start Menu – it’s back


Modern Apps run in native – The Window is back


The new quadrant layout – 4 apps snapped on the same screen


New task view button – a more sleek task switcher


Virtual desktops – a missing piece


You can watch the video below from Joe Belfiore to see these new features in action.



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