The Sidebar That Monitors Hardware Info and Usages in Real Time in Windows 10


Sidebar Diagnostics is a sidebar tool that not only provides all necessary information about your hardware but monitors them in real time in a sidebar view that docks on either side of your desktop. It’s not a desktop widget we used to have on Windows 7 but works just like one. It’s an open source project so it’s completely free. It works smoothly on Windows 7 and above, as long as you have .Net framework 4.5.2 or, better, 4.6 installed.

Sidebar Diagnostics

Really, it offers a lot more than a normal widget does. From the top down, the first thing listed is the CPU info that includes the basic info about the processor, clock speed, temperature, load usage overall and the breakdown to the cores. Scrolling down, it also lists all the hard drives it finds on the computer and monitors their read/write speed in real time. The last batch on the list is all the network adapters installed on your computer with the current in/out speed.

If you like to see a graphical view of what’s happening on some key hardware, you can access graphs from the system tray icon options or the little graph icon at the top of the sidebar. It displays the graph of a particular metric at the time duration set by you.

Sidebar Diagnostics - graphic

By default, it places itself on the right side of the desktop but you can change that to the left side as well from the Settings, either from the system tray icon or the gear icon at the top of the sidebar.

Sidebar Diagnostics - setting from the system tray

The Settings window offers a lot of options that you can customize the look and feel of the sidebar. It can be displayed at the left or right of the screen, change the background color, font color and also adjust the width. Having dual-monitor setup? Not a problem, there is a setting specifically for that too.


If you like the idea having a sidebar to monitor your hardware usage, this is the one that should work pretty well for you. It’s probably the only widget style hardware monitoring software available for Windows 10 that provides enough info for an average PC user.

Thanks to GuidingTech for sharing it.


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