There Will Be Total 109 Languages Available in Windows 8


In a new post on Building Windows 8, Microsoft claims that they will continue to be a market leader in language support with an additional 14 new display languages for Windows 8, which brings a total number of 109 that provides a native language version of Windows for over 4.5 billion people.

An addition of English specifically for UK is also added to the list of windows display language, which is believed will be widely used in India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and many other places. Microsoft admits that this is something they should have done a long time ago.

There will be 13 new language interface packs (LIPs) available for Windows 8, which can be installed on top of a standalone Windows display language.

It’s also ever easier to add one language into your Windows 8. Not like in Vista or Windows 7 ultimate in which you see 34 or 35 languages as optional updates in Windows Update UI. In Windows 8, it’s all consolidated in one place called Language preferences in Control Panel. The Language preferences will be a clean, unified control for all Windows display languages moving forward.


For reference, here are the 95 languages in which Windows 7 is currently available.



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