This Free Tool Lets You Minimize Any Running Windows into System Tray


Unless it’s programed in the application, you normally don’t get the chance to minimize certain application into the system tray. The normal minimize operation won’t let you minimize the program into that area at all. If you are a person who doesn’t want the running applications get cluttered in your taskbar moving the less user interact needed application, i.e. torrent downloader, to the system tray seems to be a good idea.

4T Tray Minimizer is probably what you are looking for if that’s the case. It’s a free lightweight but powerful tool that adds a number of  features into your desktop to better manage Windows. With 4T Tray Minimizer, you can make minimizing any application window to the system tray possible.

Once you had the tool installed and went through the basic setup wizard, you will see 4 more icons added in the windows next to the built-in minimize, maximize, and close icons.


Clicking on the first one minimize the current window into the system tray. As you can see from the screenshot below, I successfully managed to dump the Chrome in there.


Clicking on the second icon rolls up the window to only show the title bar of the window visible. Saves bunch of space from the desktop.


Clicking on the third icon pins the current window stay on top of the desktop, the same as keep the window always on top.


Clicking on the last one makes the current window transparent, based on the settings in the option.


The most interesting thing is, you can even hide the whole system tray (ctrl+win+t) to make it disappear from the taskbar completely or partially leaving the clock out.


To sum up, 4T Tray Minimizer lets you

  • minimize any application window to the system tray;
  • roll up/down any window to its title bar;
  • keep any window on top;
  • transparent any given window, and
  • hide the whole system tray to make it more room.

The program provides a rich set of options for you to change and adjust to meet all your needs to make a good use of the tool.


4T Tray Minimizer works for Windows XP and later, both 32-bit and 64-bit edition. It comes with a FREE version that includes all features mentioned above. It also comes up a pro version that adds a few additional features that might be useful but costs $19.99.



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