This Free Utility Lets You Uninstall A Program Right From Windows’ Context Menu in Windows 7


One of annoyances we all experience in Windows is its tedious program uninstall process. You either are lucky enough to find an uninstall option adjacent to the program, or have to open Control Panel, go to Program, and find the program to remove it from your computer. That’s probably one of the reason why so many little applications are left on my and your hard drives from our do-not-bother attitude to this process. I hope Microsoft can do a bit of it to much improve this lack-of-user-friendly process.

A developer named Roy Leizer found a neat way that simplified the uninstall process in Windows system greatly. He built an utility called Menu Uninstaller that adds an uninstall Option to Windows Context Menu, and released it for FREE.

You can simply download the tool from the website and install it in your windows system. Note that because it’s released a free software it’s included a sponsor-ware that you can choose not to participate. Just click Next button a little slower to make sure do not go all straight with the default settings.

Once the installation is done, you can find the uninstall option from the right-click context menu and use it to uninstall the specified program directly from there. Isn’t it much nicer?

image thumb24 - This Free Utility Lets You Uninstall A Program Right From Windows' Context Menu in Windows 7

Menu Uninstaller works quite well in all popular Windows system, from XP to 7. I am quite getting used to this right-click-uninstall behavior right now.




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