Time Freeze Free is A Nice Built Software Testing Tool



If you do a lot of software testing and if you do it mostly in your virtual environment, you may want to check Time Freeze Free out, a tool that works like a combination of virtual machine and sandbox software.

Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective virtual system freeware to keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats. It works similar like a sandbox but extend it a bit further to work more like the snapshot feature in virtual environment. Instead of sandboxing the software you are testing, Time Freeze turns the whole windows installation into a sandbox and logs everything that is made to the installation so that once you turn the tool off you have the exact the same system back as before you started testing the software.

You can download Time Freeze Free from their website, and install it on your windows system within a few minutes of your time. You will see a window with 3 tabs once it’s launched.


It’s recommended that turning on System Protection provides better protections to your system. If you have certain folders that are quite important, put them into Folder Protection so that they don’t get messed up by any software.

Even though Time Free Free is offered free of charge, it does require a registration to get a keycode to extend a 30-day trial period for longer use. It also has a commercial pro version available with a few more additional features, such as MBR protection, physical RAM buffer mode, USB stick protection, etc. But the most of thing that is missing in free version is that it only supports 32-bit of windows system, including Windows 7.

From my view and result of testing of this tool, I want to pay the extra to get a full version that works with my 64-bit of Windows 7.




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