[Tip] How To Make Wallpaper Work Perfectly for Dual-Monitor without Any Tool?


We recently covered a tool, Dual Monitor Taskbar, that neatly extends the taskbar across dual monitors but left a wish if that could do the same to the wallpaper too. Guess what, you actually don’t need any of the tools to do this. There is a much easier way.

First, you need a picture in a resolution that is designed for dual-monitor. Here are 115 of them for you to spice up. Make sure the picture you pick has the resolution greater than the total resolution on your dual-monitor setup, or it won’t look good.

Then, simply apply the picture you downloaded as the wallpaper in Tile.

And, here we go.


To change the display in Tile, right click the empty space on desktop and go to Personalize. Then click Desktop Background from the bottom, from where you can change the display in Tile.


That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

This tip was fed by one of our commenters to the Dual Monitor Taskbar post. Thanks Matt. I owe you a glass of beer.



  1. nice, works great. Quick tip, make sure the picture size is the greater than the full resolution of the two monitor. For some reason when I pick the exact 2x the pixel wallpaper for that it didn’t work quite well

  2. Use IrfanView to batch resize all your wallpapers to the correct resolution for your monitor(s).

    Width = Monitor 1 width + Monitor 2 width
    Height = Height of your largest monitor

  3. nope. not perfect!

    try to change your monitor position configuration
    mine was 2 – 1 – 3 (1 primary, 2-nd monitor, 3-rd monitor)

    others may like 2 – 1

    and others most likely 1 – 2 (which your TIP will only work)

  4. Good tip, but the wallpaper is applied relative to monitor 1 — so if you’ve positioned monitor 2 above monitor 1 you’ll get a black area at the top of monitor 2.


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