[Tip] Switching Users in Windows 7 The Easier Way


Normally, you need 3 clicks to get to the Switch User, which is not a big deal. But it could become annoying if switching back and forth becomes a frequent thing. It would be easier if I can do it with just one click.


Thanks to HelpDeskGeek for sharing this neat tip that makes to so just what I wished. One click.

Basically, the trick is to create a shortcut on the desktop that points to tsdiscon.exe file in %systemroot%\syste32 folder. Yes, it’s just simple as this.


Now, to switch a user, you can simply double click the shortcut on your desk you just created.


And obviously, you can change the icon of the shortcut to make it look a bit nicer if you want to. As a bonus, the same shortcut can be treated as a quick way to lock your screen as well, since moving back to your own desktop requires you type in your own password, the same as the keyboard shortcut Win+L.



  1. How about just ctl-alt-del, then select switch user option? Can even be done without the mouse if necessary. Seems much simpler that going through the trouble of creating a desktop icon.


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