[Tips] Another Way Display Switch Tab with Aero Peak in Windows 7


We probably all know that in order to switch around an application you can just Hold Alt + Tab, this will brings the Switch Tab. But the trick is to keep holding the Alt key while switching around the application using the Tab, if you release the Alt key switch tab will disappear and you will land on the program when you released the tab, this can be a problem from people.

Another way to use the Switch Tab and make it appear without keep holding the “Alt” key is to press “Alt + Ctrl + Tab” this will bring up the switch tab as usual but this time you can let it go with your Alt key and still have the switch tab on. To switch between the application will be as before press “Tab” to preview the application you are about to switch once you done press “Enter”


Well sometimes this method will help when you have many programs open and not getting tried of keep holding the Alt key. This way you get the time to make the right decision and sees the preview. Very handy in Windows 7 especially now with the Aero Peak, you can to preview the program before switching to it.

In the end it just another keyboard short key in Windows that people rarely noticed but useful from time to time.



  1. This is the common way of switchin programs, n if i aint wrong u dont need to press CTRL+ALT+TAB, its just with ALT+TAB … im really likin this website, so ill be in touch, peace, 1.


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