[Tips] How to make your Taskbar in Windows 7 looks like Vista


Probably the biggest thing people have noticed when they use Windows 7 is the Taskbar’s appearance change. Now there are only those supper big icons on the taskbar ! So if I want to change it back to the old style how can I do that?

Well its easier than you think. First right click on the taskbar go to > properties.


Now Check “Use Small icons” under “Taskbar” Tab, and choose “Combine when taskbar is full or Never CombineUnder Taskbar Buttons.

Click Apply when done making the change. And Now you should see something more familiar.


Note: the old quick launch will now out of place. Simply keep all the application pinto the taskbar will now become the quick launch, and remove those programs to rearrange them all to the right.



  1. Any idea how to make only some programs always combine? e.g. I always want my firefox windows to combine but not my notepad windows…


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