[Tips] Keyboard Shortcut Faster Way to Get to the Address Bar


You can go to the address bar by manually moving and clicking your mouse to the address bar and highlighting the content, and start typing the address. But there are faster and more accurate ways to do the same with some keyboard shortcuts. address bar

2 ways to get to the address bar with keyboard shortcut

  1. F6 (function key)
  2. Alt+D

Both work the same, it highlights what’s in the address bar and overwrites it. It also works in any browsers, even including the Windows Explorer. Although, more and more users nowadays don’t enter anything directly to the address, they use Google search the website domain name, use bookmark, use other external links to open a webpage, but its still a great way to save you time here and there if you want to type it manually in a faster manner. And it increases your productivity as well 🙂



  1. Just wanted to throw out there… Alt+D works pretty much everywhere that I know of, but F6 is browser dependent. In Opera, F6 doesn’t work; F8 serves the function.

    In IE F6 works, but F4 also works. The difference is F4 will expand the drop down menu of recently browsed sites as well, where as F6 just highlights the address.

    In Windows Explorer (My Computer, etc.. note that I’m testing this under 7 and Vista, not sure of behavior in XP) F6 will focus the address bar, but maintain the arrow/dropdown navigation style. F4 will highlight the address bar in an address style (to type in an address).

    • Thanks Brandon for pointing this out, yes in IE and Windows Explorer F4 also works. I guess I should take “works in all the browser” back, but personally I’m not a fan of Opera and really haven’t used the browser much, and in fact I didn’t have it installed. I guess next time when I mention works for all better test all of them first 🙂

  2. F6 works pretty well, but there’s a problem with Alt+D on German systems, because this opens the “file” menu (“Datei” in German), because Alt+Key opens the underlined menu item of the current window.


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