[Tips] Screen Shot Active Window only in Windows


You’ve probably know how to take screen shot in Windows, the most easy way and yet the basic way is to press the PrtSc key on your keyboard and past it in MS Paint. Well, you can also extend this function by pressing “Alt+PrtSc” and that will capture only the active Window. MSpaint - [Tips] Screen Shot Active Window only in Windows Just like that, an easy tip for the day, save you time from editing snap shots without using crop/cut/resize in the MS Paint application. At least, you don’t need to use all the third party software to achieve just that. Make full use of the build in function in Windows, Enjoy 🙂 I personally found that’s a very useful keyboard shortcut command, and believe it or not I didn’t know I can do that a year ago.


    • It’s true that this little trick isn’t anything new, and yes, it works all the way back to Win9x. It’s just there but not everyone noticed it. I don’t remember how many times I personally mentioned this to how many people but I still got many emails with huge full screenshot with only the message in the tiny active window that I am care about.



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