[Tips] Speed Up Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 7


One of the cool new feature that I like a lot in Windows 7 is the new taskbar thumbnail preview, a place that displays small thumbnail preview of the opened application window on the taskbar when hovering the mouse over the taskbar icons.


It’s a nice feature but takes some time, approximately 400ms by default, to display the thumbnail once your hover your mouse on taskbar. It’s still considerably pretty instant. However, if you want it a bit even faster, you may find this registry tweak helpful.

1. Open Windows 7 registry editor by clicking Start menu, and typing regedit in the search box and hit enter.

2. Then the UAC warning window pops up, click Yes to bypass it.

3. Navigate through the registry to find the following key:

HEKY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

4. Double-click the MouseHoverTime key in the right panel.

5. Change the value from 400 (by default) to anything less than 100 or even lower.


6. Click OK to close the registry editor Window.

7. Logoff or reboot your computer to have the change taken effect.

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  1. as matt says this will surely change the delay for all mouse hover events and then peraps make other things too fast? any better way of increasing the time without messing anythin else up? it's really annoying as although fairluy fast, when you keep using the feature a few times in a row and know where stuff is you end up waiting for no reason.


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