[Tips] Stop the annoying beeping sound in IE and MSN


Every once awhile, the beeping sound from the IE will just keep going on and on, same thing happen to MSN lately. For IE simply stop the page load, will stop the beeping, but this doesn’t kill it entirely. For MSN, there is simply no other way to stop it if the beeping keeps going on and on. Mute the speaker is not a solution. So here is how you can disable the beeping sound completely.

[note: this works in Windows 7, should also works in vista as well]

Step 1

Go to Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Sound > Change System sounds

change system sounds

Step 2

diable annoying beeping soundset to none apply

Under the tab Sounds > Scroll down find the “Start Navigation” program event, in the drop down choose none and click apply.

Restart your system, and you shouldn’t hear any beeping from IE anymore.

Enjoy 🙂




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