Todoist Now Integrates Seamlessly into Outlook


Todoist, one of the best To-Do list and task management systems, has now released an add-in that integrates its service seamlessly right into Outlook. No matter what email services you are using in your Outlook, you now have an awesome to-do list not only right next to you but also with you wherever you go.

Todoist is a well-done to-do list app, available on almost all popular platform, browser, smartphone, Gmail, or desktop. The Outlook add-in seems to be the last missing piece that makes the app virtually available almost anywhere. With over 1.3 million people who are already doing things with this app, this new add-in is going to help them greatly.

If you are using Outlook, and Todoist, or are thinking of using a better to-do list to manage your daily tasks, head over to Todoist Outlook page, download the free app, and install it on your computer.

After you installed the app and relaunch your Outlook, you will see the Todoist panel show up right next to the Read Pane. You need to sign in your account before actually using it. If this is the first time using the app, signing up process is extremely easy, especially when you already have a Gmail or Google account handy.

Todoist outlook 600x489 - Todoist Now Integrates Seamlessly into Outlook

You can create many projects, add tasks, assign the deadlines to the tasks, right in the Todoist panel. What seems to benefit me the most is that I can add a task to the list by simply clicking the Add email as task link, which not only creates a task with the title already filled in but also links the task to the actual email in your inbox. You can now safely clean up your inbox because later on, you can click the task to simply re-open the same email without searching for it. Check out the video clip below to see what more you can do with this app in your Outlook.

Please note that the free account of Todoist provides very basic tasks to manage a to-do list. You will have to pay an annual fee which is only $29US to get more advanced features such as adding notes to the task and uploading the documents, etc.

You may ask why I need another to-do list while Outlook already has one. Well, one obvious reason to me is that one with Todoist can be accessed virtually anywhere. Basically, with Todoist, I can manage my to-do list not only from my Outlook, but also through Chrome browser, my Gmail inbox, and my other devices I use during the day. It’s a more unified app to me than Outlook in terms of managing a to-do list.


  1. This is good. Especially the email integration. But the Outlook task integration does not work. There is a Todoist right-click option but it does not work for the Outlook task section.

  2. I have an existing task list in Outlook. But I’d like to import it into todoist. How do I do that? If that function isn’t available, it’s not an app I can use.

  3. I really love Todoist. I use the app every day. I find it very useful. I’m just struggling to get it linked with/integrated with Outlook. Can someone please assist?


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