[Tool] SSDlife Checks Your SSD Drive’s Healthy Status and Tells When It’s Going To Die


SSD is amazing. It’s simply the easiest way to boost your computer’s performance, no matter how old your computer is. However, because of the nature design, it has a short life cycle comparing to the traditional hard disk. Despite of a lot of improvement that has been put into the SSD design, its life cycle is still my main concern when I think of putting it in real use. So it’s going to be very helpful if you know when it’s going to die. That’s why this SSDLife Free tool might be very useful and handy in this regard.

SSDlife Free is a free health diagnostic tool developed solely for SSDs, Microchips-based Solid State Drives. It’s a strip down version of its Pro edition which provides a little more features but costs you $20 for those features.

You will have to install the tool onto your computer first before using it. When you open the tool the first time, it will scan your computer to gather enough information about your SSD and checks its status before providing you the result.

Here is what my SSD’s status looks like.

image thumb - [Tool] SSDlife Checks Your SSD Drive's Healthy Status and Tells When It's Going To Die

Note the date I highlighted? Yes, my SSD is safe for another 10 years, if I keep the same way I have using it.

If you own and use a SSD right now on your Windows 7, you might want to give this tool a try to find out how long the drive is going to last.


  1. Nobody needs any of these types of utilities. They are marketing gimmicks. I don’t know of any reliable, trustworthy data that would seriously suggest that the life expectancy of a consumer grade SSD is any shorter than that of a traditional spinning drive. 120/128 GB SSD’s are now more affordable than ever, which mean that the cost of replacing them shouldn’t be as much of a concern as when this technology was new. Assuming we all make backups – and we do, don’t we? ; -) the life expectancy issue isn’t nearly as critical as it once was.

    • I agree. It used to be a serious problem but not anymore. But I think it’s still useful for a tool like this reminding people how much life left on their drive so that they can start a plan backing up the data or buying a new drive ahead of time.


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