Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers


If you are ever wondering whether Microsoft is still innovating or not, just take a look at its new Browser, Edge. Introduced along with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft  Edge browser has constantly received significant feature improvements on a regular basis. OK, maybe the browser test isn’t a scientific way to measure a company’s innovative level, but it does put a clear perspective comparison when looking at its previous legacy Internet Explorer. Here are the top 5 unique feature that you won’t find from other browser vendors.

#1 Edge Offers Better Battery Life

This is probably not a fair valuation since Edge only runs on Windows, but Microsoft has done a great job at telling you that if by switching to Edge how much battery life you would gain.

edge battery saver 1 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

Someone will have a second thought on their browser choice after they read this notification.

#2 Unique Tabs Management and Tabs you’ve set aside

Each browser manages tabs a little differently, with the recent Windows 10 insider build, Edge’s Tab got more powerful features. Edge has a new tab preview that rows on top of the existing window, it allows you to have a glimpse of all your other tab’s content without actually landing on the tab.

2017 01 29 1600 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

Windows 10 insider build also received a new welcome feature called “Tabs you’ve set aside”. This is a new concept that I have not seen any other browser vendor implement. The idea is you can “trash” all the existing tabs you’ve currently opened and Edge would remember them in case you want to come back later.

2017 01 29 1605 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

It works between a hybrid of a bookmark and a pinned tab. For someone who does heavy browsing with multi-window open, this would be a welcome feature to have.

#3 Built-in Annotation and Screenshots

Edge comes with some unique notes taking abilities. This is one of the features since the very beginning of Edge, it’s something no other browser that has out of the box. It is a very nice feature for students or for folks who does a lot of research hands on.

2017 01 28 2304 600x427 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

Edge have a list of notes and annotation features that are both practical for touch and none touch-based Windows 10 PC.

2017 01 28 2258 600x289 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

#4 Deep Integrated Share

Being the default new browser in Windows 10, it only makes sense for Microsoft to have a rich and deep integration with other Windows 10 apps.

2017 01 29 1601 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

Depends on the Windows 10 apps you’ve downloaded from the Windows App Store, and depends on the third party applications you have installed your list of share would vary in number.

#5 Out of Box ePub eBook Format Support and Now Edge Can Read Aloud

As of Windows 10 insider preview build 15019 one of the new features Microsoft Edge has learned is the ability to read an ePub book on Edge. That said, Edge is also one of the browsers that support native ePub format out of the box. You no longer need to looking for any other third party ePub reader if you aren’t on Windows 10.

2017 01 29 1719 600x688 - Top 5 Unique Feature Microsoft Edge Browser Offers

This makes reading ebooks experience on Windows 10 a welcome improvement.

There you have it, top five features in Edge that no other browser can compete against at least not out of the box without add-ons or plugins. Hope this would make your to have a better choice of your browser the next time when you read this article.


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