Top Four Self Host Cloud Storage Solution – Alternative To Dropbox

We covered many online storage solutions, many of which are pretty much the same. You upload your data to the cloud and let the companies who provide those services host your data on your behalf. There is no problem with this. In fact, this is what most people is doing right now in the era of Cloud computing. However, there is one problem, what if your data is gone? What if the service you use got shutdown? What if you don’t trust the way how the company manages your data? There are many reasons why you want to host your own Cloud storage solutions. It’s especially important if you have sensitive data. Having control over your own Cloud storage might be a better solution for you.

Here are list of top four self host Cloud storage solution

1. ownCloud

ownCloud, is probably one of the most popular self host solutions out there. As the name suggests, you host your own cloud. We also have an extensive coverage before on how to setup ownCloud on a Windows environment.

2. PydioPydio Preview

Pydio used to be called AjaXplorer, it’s very much like ownCloud, but with nicer UI. And for larger data, this has a better performance compare to ownCloud. It also have many plugins that runs on Node.js to allow you add additional features to preview or edit the data. For example, you can add video preview thumbnail, add web text editor etc. All of which is running on a modern platform with bright future.

3. SparkleshareSparkleshare

Sparkleshare, is another alternative to self document hosting. It’s particular good at hosting documents compare to other file types. It has a build in version control for many document types. It keeps a revision of the modified files history, as well as support for encryption. Think this as Time Capsule for all machines, keeps a revision of your documents and be able to access anywhere.

4. SeaFileseafile-server-file-details

SeaFile is very much like Pydio, but with lesser support in some file protocol. For example, it doesn’t support samba protocol. It also comes with a desktop client for all major OS. It also seems to be under actively development, includes a road map for future development.

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Last updated: 11/01/2015

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