Top Two Uninstall Utility To Help You Keep Windows Machine Clean


Maintaining a health PC is not easy, there are too many applications out there you can download and install. Until Windows 8, Microsoft have not had the chance to streamline a central vendor for your PC. Even with the latest Windows 8 Store, it still does not address all the existing legacy apps which are not listed. Hence, without a controlled distribution source for software, you, as a user can pretty much get anything install on your machine, even without your knowledge. This is not ideal to Maintaining a health PC.

You don’t need all the applications installed on your Windows machine, in fact, most average users only use a handful application. To help clean your PC by removing some of the unnecessary applications you need some of the best uninstaller. Yes, Windows has it’s own build-in uninstaller from the control panel, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best uninstall out there or does the best job. Here are two of the best uninstaller out there that offers better and cleaner ways to uninstall any programs from your Windows machine.

IOBit Uninstaller Offers Batch Uninstall To Easily Uninstall Multiple Applications Quickly

Window’s build-in uninstaller only offers uninstall Applications one at a time, and often times, you will get a warning message when you try to uninstall another program while it’s already in the process of uninstall an application. IOBit Uninstaller has a unique feature to allow you to batch uninstall selected apps.

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First check the “Batch Uninstall” then select any number of applications from the list of installed programs, hit Uninstall. IObit will then take care of the rest to uninstall selected applications. This is extremely useful when you try to clean up your or your friends PC. Saves you tons time to not need to wait for one uninstaller finish and try to run the next uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller The Best Way to Uninstall A Program Cleanly

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Another uninstaller out there is Revo. Although, it doesn’t offer batch uninstaller mode, it has a “Hunter Mode” which effectively trace all the footprints this program has left trace on your computer. It seems to offer a better and consistent way to remove a program from your computer. The “Hunter Mode” allows you to find out which app is coming from by point and click, this is very useful if you have no idea where a particular application is coming from.


All in all, those two are the best uninstallers out there. At the end of the day, if you have lots of junk needs to be removed, use IObit uninstaller. It saves you time and effort to uninstall application one by one. If you’d like to do some investigation on why such application is running and where it’s coming from use Revo to help you diagnose. It’s “Hunter Mode” is excellent in such tasks. So, the take away is that not all build-in features from Windows are the best. Often times, there are many other third party tools out there that excel the native feature.



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