Torrent Spy Knows What You Have Downloaded


Are you a torrent troll that loves illegal downloads of those popular music and movies? If so, have you been covering your trail not from being caught? The secret agent from You Have Downloaded may have been spying on you without you knowing it. Check it out.

image thumb51 - Torrent Spy Knows What You Have Downloaded

Ooops! Should I be worried if being caught there? I guess so.

The site currently have 53 millions of users in their database, along with 116K torrents and 2 million files. It tracks your IP address and the titles of what you’ve been downloading. Even thought one of the founders of the site, Suren Ter, claims that the site is just for show, the site collects enough information to track you down, if want to.

We don’t bother ourselves to separate dynamic IPs. The site is just for show. However we have time-stamps. might be a dynamic IP – however it belonged to a certain person at 12:12am 12/12/2011. Besides DHT (distributed hash table) allows us to get a user’s machine fingerprint.

That’s just another sign reminding all of us that “We just want to remind people that the Internet is not a place to expect privacy“, isn’t it? What’s more scary is that people are receiving notes or letters from their ISP warning them that they have been illegally downloading copyright-protected content lately. One of my colleague recently got one and it turned out it’s her tenant had been using her Cable BTing distributing the movie “No Strings Attached”.

So if you love the freedom and privacy, why not tight up your own ends?

The first thing to do is to randomize the port.

The second thing is to limit or not allowing upload. What the law enforcement wants to catch is those that distribute. So limiting your upload bandwidth or even seize it should help you a lot.

Still don’t feel enough, check out Lifehacker’s awesome list of things you can do to protect your privacy when downloading.

Happy downloading!


  1. ha yeah I saw that few days ago, nothing found from my IP 🙂 even tho I download tons torrents and didn’t use private tracker either 😛

  2. ip blockers dont work, they can snoop from home like all users, if you are paying for a dynamic or permanent like ip, both are logged by your isp, real tools warez feds actually use, google pydht., which crawls the Dht, a protocol introduced to reduce the load on trackers, utorrent has an option to disable dht,


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