Track Folder Changes in Real Time


Track Folder Changes is an open source portable tool that tracks the changes that are made to folders and files in real time and display them in a tree view.

Simply download the tool from its opens source project website and launch it. It automatically starts tracking the changes to the folder once it’s specified. You can point the tool to any of the folders either on your local computer or on the network location that you want to keep tracking the changes.

image thumb26 - Track Folder Changes in Real Time

It displays the result in a tree view with a color coding applied to the type of the files so you can easily identify what type of the files are being changed. The deleted files are shown in brown, if you have noticed.

If you want to know a bit more details about the file, simply right click on it and choose one of the three options from the context menu.

image thumb27 - Track Folder Changes in Real Time

Even though you can only track one folder a time, you can open multiple instances to keep track of multiple location at the same time.

Track Folder Changes is a useful tool that could come in handy sometime.


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