Transmission now Available for Windows–Popular Mac Torrents Client


Not many Mac app will get a chance to shine on Windows, this is no longer the case for one of my favorite torrents app on Mac, now finding its way available on the mass market, Windows. If you still use Torrents to download things over the internet, then you might want to try out a new app called Transmission.

My first impression of Transmission on Windows is that it look and feel are very different from μTorrent and other torrent clients on Windows. It’s clean and simple. You will not see a single ad by using this torrent client, in my opinion, is the biggest plus. Seeing ads is one thing, but mistakenly clicked those ads in your torrents client could cause a healthy PC become infected by virus and malware.

Install Transmission

If you download and install the app on Windows 10, you might get the following warning. Click “Run anyway” to proceed.


Once done, it’s pretty simple the app doesn’t contain much UI or areas showing ads.


First, launching it will prompt a dialog box asking if you would like to start Transmission as a local Session or remote control another Transmission elsewhere. For us, we will use it as Local Session.


After the installation by default, it will become your default torrent opener or any torrent magnet link.


One big difference to keep in mind is that when you quit the app, Transmission will no longer run. It does not run in the background to continue any download task. You have to leave it open for the download to continue, and there are various settings you can configure to allow more awareness when a download is finished etc..


It’s the same as Mac in terms of speed control. The turtle mode is a quick way to dial down the download speed.


If you are looking for a clean and simple torrent app, look no further than Transmission.



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