[Tricks] A Hidden Way to Access Windows 7 Jump List


For most of you guys out there, you probably will get to your Jump List by right-clicking on the icon. This of course works perfectly well. However, do you know there is actually another way that works more creatively? Try left-clicking and holding the icon while dragging it upward and see what happens.

I also made a video for you so that you can see how it works in action. As you can see, not only can you open up a jump list, but you can also make it fade in and out slowly and dynamically. As long as you are holding the mouse, you can make the Jump List go up or down, appear or disappear. Once you release the mouse, the list becomes static again. You can not drag it back down again.

That’s it, a new way getting access to the new Jump List. Enjoy 🙂



  1. This was intended for touch screens. This is so that users can just swipe their fingers up to open the jumplists! This also works with the IE address bar! try it out!


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