Turn On/Off Scroll Inactive Window Under Mouse Cursor in Windows 10


Windows 10 has a very nice little new feature that I’ve been waiting for since Windows 95. It’s called “Scroll inactive Window” that scrolls up/down the window under where the mouse cursor is, regardless of whether the window is active or not. I like this feature so much because now I don’t have to switch among multiple windows back and forth repeatedly during my work. It’s going to be a huge time and energy saver for me down the road.

The feature in Windows 10 is set to be on by default, but in case you need to toggle it sometime, here is how you can turn it on and off.

Click Start button, and Settings to open Settings App. Then go to Devices, and Mouse & touchpad section.

Settings - Devices 2015-07-07 11_52_13

It’s the option “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” that does all the trick. You can turn on and off this feature by sliding the option switch on and off.

It’s a nice feature that should never be disabled, IMHO. If you haven’t tried or heard of it, it’s time to try. You will never look back once you are used to it.

The good news that even if you are in Windows 7 or 8.1, there is a tool called Mouse Hunt that can bring this feature right to you.



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