Turning Internet On and Off When Needed in Windows


Sometimes, you just need to shut the door up and concentrate on the things that don’t waste time. And that’s when turning Internet off on your computer makes a lot sense.

Technically, you can do so by running netsh interface command in command prompt window to enable and disable the network connection that has the internet access. For example, to disable my wireless connection named “Wireless Network Connection, I can just run the following to turn off the internet.

netsh interface set interface “wireless network connection” disabled

and change disabled to enabled to turn the internet back on.

To make the life a little easier, you can put the command line in two batch files, one for turning on and one for turning off. But that’s mostly for geeks who know a little bit of network, isn’t it. To make it even easier, a tool that can easily accomplish this simple job would be much appreciated.

InternetOff is a free tool that allows you to quickly turn on/off your internet connections right from the system tray so that you can go offline and cut yourself off the whole world by a couple of mouse click. And with a couple of same clicks you can be back online later on when needed. It’s a tool that makes your internet connection on demand.

When internet is on, you can simply turn it off by clicking on the little global icon from the system tray and press the “Turn off the internet” button.

InternetOff on thumb - Turning Internet On and Off When Needed in Windows

All network connections will be disabled right after you press the “turn off” button, which means not only the internet that goes off but also the internal network access that is being turned down as well. Basically all you can use is what you have on your computer.

InternetOff off thumb - Turning Internet On and Off When Needed in Windows

When needed to turn Internet back on, you will have the options for only turning it back on for certain minutes or just turn back on. It can be useful if you only want temporarily on Internet for 5 or 10 minutes.

InternetOff back on thumb - Turning Internet On and Off When Needed in Windows

It’s just that simple. If you want not to be distracted by all the Internet buzz or the social waste network, you may want give this cutting-self-out tool a quick look.


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