Turning Smartphone or Tablet into Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Remote Mouse is a free app that turns your mobile smartphone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard. If you often carry and use a laptop you will find this app usefule when you don’t have your regular mouse with you. Or it’s going to be super handy if you often stream your desktop on a big TV.

The app is available on all major platform, including Windows Phone, iOS, and Android and requires a client program installed on your Windows or Mac devices for communication. Making both devices connected is extremely easy and smooth. As long as they are connected to the same network (wired or wireless), the mobile app finds the desktop within seconds after it’s launched.

First thing you need to do after you have it installed on your mobile device is going to the Panels to turn on some of the settings that are off by default, like Mouse.

2015-01-31 22.45.18

When it’s launched, it scans the network to find if there are any Remote Mouse ready desktops on the same network. It will prompt to ask which one to connect if it finds more than one. You can also switch one computer to another easily on Desktop tab by tapping on the bottom of the screen. Heck, you can even do things like shutdown, sleep, restart, or log-off through the Desktop tab.

2015-01-31 22.45.22

The third tab, which looks like a touchpad, is where you control the cursor. You can move your finger on your mobile device screen to move the mouse cursor on your desktop screen, tap once or twice to emulate a click to double-click like on your mouse, or use the left/right button to perform a left/right click. It even supports the multi-touch gesture such as 2-finger scrolling. See the application icons at the bottom of the screen? Yes, you can launch these installed and pinned apps by simply clicking them.

2015-01-31 22.45.39

Moreover, you can type using mobile device’s keyboard, number-pad when needed.

2015-01-31 22.45.49 2015-01-31 22.45.56

What’s more interesting, if you have “Swaying Mode Button” turned on, you can just swaying the mobile device and watch the cursor to move on your desktop screen at the same time. Quite amazing.


I have been quite intrigued by the idea using my iPhone as a set of wireless input device when need but was never able to find an app that works well. This is probably the best and most efficient app among the ones I’ve tried. It’s highly recommended.



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