Tweak Your XP to Make It Looks Like Windows 7


Let’s say you like or even love Windows 7 but don’t feel quite ready yet saying goodbye to the long beloved XP. I understand. So this little trick that makes your XP look like Windows 7 in 3 steps may help you to bridge through the process, especially the visual feelings.

Step 1: ViGlance

ViGlance groups windows relative to their process. Each open application reserves its own space on the bar. Windows relative to that application are then grouped as children of that application on the bar. This keeps the taskbar clean and better organised into a more logical grouping system.


Step 2: Desk Topmost

We usually use the keyboard shortcut “Win+D” or press the “Show Desktop” button in the Quick Launch Bar to access desktop, but Desk Topmost solves this in a different way: It will let the desktop float on the top instead of minimizing all the windows. It’s 100% clean and FREE!


Step 3: Power Resizer

Does the similar work to Windows Snap in Windows 7 and even more that if if you resize an open window, the other open windows will resize themselves automatically in relation to it to fit the screen.


That’s IT. By looking at right now, your XP doesn’t look like XP anymore. It’s Windows xp7. 🙂



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