Ubuntu One is Another Great File Sharing with 5G Free Cloud Space


/Update June 23, 2014/

Ubunto One cloud service has been discontinued. If you are a current user, you have until the end of July to restore or move your data.

Do you know that the popular Linux Ubuntu also has a cloud service called Ubuntu One that offers 5G free space to start with a wide range of platform? It supports not only its own Linux platform but also Windows, Mac OS X, as well as both mobile platform iOS and Android. On Windows, it runs on all Windows systems starting from XP all the way up to Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It’s a good cloud service that can be used in conjunction of Dropbox and SkyDrive. And of course, if you want, you can replace those to exclusively use Ubuntu One but I don’t really see a point why you should do that.

To start off, you download a client version from their website and install it on your local computer. The setup process starts right after the program is installed, which includes an account setup, verification, and folder setup. Once it’s all done, you are good to go to start syncing your data through the cloud.

Finish setting up ubuntu One windows client

Unlike Dropbox and SkyDrive, you can add more folders into the syncing through Ubuntu One, in addition to the default Ubuntu One folder created and synced through the initial setup. I personally appreciate that because that adds some flexibility so that I don’t have to manipulate my own folder structure in order to get them synced to the cloud.

Ubuntu One - folder list

Once it’s running, it runs quietly in the background with an icon sitting in the system tray waiting to be called up.

Ubuntu One system tray option

You can also share the document through a link with other people. To generate a link on the desktop, you will need to go to Ubuntu client, select Share a Link tab, and create a link to the document you want to share. It’s not as intuitive as Dropbox or SkyPe but still get the work done.

Ubuntu One - share a file

Ubuntu One also has a web dashboard that allows you access to all your shared file through the web browser. You will also find out your own shared link with your referral ID on the dashboard. With that unique link, you can use to spread the word to your friend to gain extra space. Each signup through your link will earn you an extra 500MB free space.

Since Ubuntu One also has music and video store, you can get the promotions like Buy any track from the new Ubuntu One Music Store and get 6 months Music Streaming + 20GB storage free!”. And of course, if you run out of the space and do like the service, you can buy more storage spaces as you need in 20 GB increments for only $2.99 per month.


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