UndoClose to Easily Re-open Last Closed Folders and Programs


One of the things I really appreciated when I am surfing the web is to be able to re-open the websites I accidently or intentionally closed. But you don’t find you can do the same natively in Windows. I don’t recall that you can easily reopen a folder or application that you just closed. Reopening an application might not be a big deal but reopening a closed folder surly can be very handy and useful. And that’s why I almost immediately liked this little portable free tool, called UndoClose.

image thumb161 - UndoClose to Easily Re-open Last Closed Folders and Programs

Developed by one of my favorite go-to website, addictivetips, UndoClose is aiming to make you can do the same as you do in browsers, and do that as easy as pressing a pre-configured hotkey.

UndoClose supports two hotkey combinations, ctrl+shift+F to open last closed folder, and ctrl+shift+A to open last closed application, by default. Of course, you can change that to any combinations that work best for you.

The app keeps tracking of a list of closed folders and applications when it’s running, so you can actually not only re-open the last closed folder or app but also last numbers of folders and apps as well.

And it works really well and simple. The only thing I wish it could do is to reopen the last files I closed. Like a document I had been working on but closed accidently, I’d like to be able to re-open it via a quick hotkey.




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